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Society for Phenomenology and Media

17th Annual International Conference, 2015

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, March 25

Shuttle to and from Conference Hotel, the Del Mar Hilton:

Leave Hotel: 7:45 AM. Return to Hotel: 6:00 PM


Sanford Center

Coffee, Informal Chat



Host: Melinda Campbell

Co-hosts: Luis Acebal, Paul Majkut

Welcome: Michael Cunningham, Chancellor, National University

SPM President: Yoni van den Eede, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

Editor, Glimpse: Luis Acebal

SPM Chair: Paul Majkut


Introduction: Paul Majkut

Keynote: Kelly Gates

University of California, San Diego

“The Work of Wearing Cameras: Body-Worn Devices and Police Media Labor”


Panel 1 (Plenary)

Moderator: Yoni Van Den Eede

Questions of Technology

1.Melentie Pandilovsky

Video Pool Media Arts Centre, Winipeg, Canada

“What lies behind modern technology? Marshall McLuhan and Vilém Flusser”

2.Shoji Nagataki

Chukyo University, Japan

“Between Man and Machine: Where is Humanity going?”

3.Tom Dever

University of California, Riverside

“Multi-Platform Media Consumption in Contemporary Society”


LUNCH (on your own)


Topic Panel 2

Sanford Center

Moderator: Melanie Bourdaa

National and Regional Concerns

1.Stephen Crocker, Memorial University,

Newfoundland, Canada

Phenomenology of Remnants: Shanawdithit and signs”

2.Sarah Lwahas, University of Jos, Nigeria

“Television for the people, by the people:

An assessment of Gender and Gender-based Violence”

3.Judith Tiri, University of Jos, Nigeria

“The Roles Journalists Think They Play”Topic Panel 3

Room 123, South Campus

Moderator: Michael McAnear

Phenomenology, Art, Literature

1.Gerardo De La Fuente, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, DF, Mexico

“Some criteria to distinguish digital art”

2.Rebecca Hardesty, University of California, San Diego, California, USA

“Living-into, Living-with: A Schutzian account of the Player/Character Relationship”

3.Jose David Romero Martin, University of the Basque Country, Spain

“The Artist as a Split-self: Toward a notion of the Individual”


Reception in the Patio of NU South Campus (provided). We will provide local San Diego food.

Shuttle returns to hotel: 6:00 PM

Thursday, March 26

Shuttle to and from Conference Hotel, the Del Mar Hilton:

Leave Hotel: 8:15 AM. Return to Hotel: 4:45 PM


Sanford Center

Coffee, Informal Chat


Introduction: Melinda Campbell

National University, La Jolla

Keynote: Carl Boggs

National University, Los Angeles

“Technological Rationality and the Post-Orwellian Society”


Panel 4 (Plenary)

Moderator: Shoji Nagataki

Chukyo University, Japan

Technology, Environment, and Power

1.Ali Huhtinen

Finland National Defense University, Finland

“Near” to us - The phenomenological question of Information Power

2.Stanley Kranc

University of South Florida, USA

“The Artificial Messenger: Indirect Perception via the Instrumental Display”

3.Cristina Pontes Bonfiglioli

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Perception and imaging technology in the contemporary construction of environmental concepts”


LUNCH (on your own)


Topic Panel 5

Sanford Center

Moderator: Dana Olveland

Wearable Technology

1.Nicola Liberati, Chukyo University, Japan

“Wearables, Borg and a common living body”

2.Stacey Irwin, Millersville University, Pennsylvania, USA

“POV and the GoPro Aesthetic”

3.Kascha Semonovitch, Seattle University, Washington, USA

and John Snavely, Microsoft, Seattle, Washington, USA

“I am my watch: Wearables and Wide Minds”

Topic Panel 6

Room 123, South Campus

Moderator: Sophia Harvey, Vassar College

Phenomenology, Perception, and the Senses

1.Christine James, Valdosta State University, Georgia, USA

“Phenomenology, Sound, and Vision (Underwater)”

2.Matthew Schilleman, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA

“The Digital Unconscious”

3.Rachel Elliott, University of Guelph, Onatrio, Canada

“The Significance of Meaningless Gestures”


Topic Panel 7

Sanford Center

Moderator: Nicola Liberati

Media and Social Issues

1.Jay Conway, California State University Los Angeles

“Phenomenology and Social Criticism: the Sartrean model”

2.Miguel Garcia, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany,

and Angelika Widrig, Independent Scholar

“Immigration and Political Participation : voting rights for immigrants in Germany”

3.Obiageli Pauline Ohiagu, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

“Revisiting McLuhan’s Thoughts of Medium as Message in the Digital Age”

Topic Panel 8

Room 123, South Campus

Moderator: Melinda Campbell

Film and Narrative

1.Marco Calderón Zacaula, Alberto Canán, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico

“Narrative Cinema as Story Construction?”

2.May Zindel, Alberto Canán, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico

“The Creation of Stereotypes and the Dissolution of the Story The case of The Garden of Eden”

Shuttle returns to hotel: 4:45 PM

Arrange with hotel for free shuttle (there and back)

to downtown La Jolla or Del Mar for restaurants.

Shuttle Leaves: 6:00PM

Friday, March 27

Shuttle to and from Conference Hotel, the Del Mar Hilton:

Leave Hotel: 7:45 AM. Return to Hotel: 3:15 PM


Sanford Center

Coffee, Informal Chat


Topic Panel 9

Sanford Center

Moderator: Angelika Widrig

Varieties of Living

1.Emily Churilla

Stony Brook University, New York, USA

“Finding Nematode: Speculations on the World Horizons of Simulated Lifeforms”

2.Paul Majkut

National University, San Diego

“Cruft, Posterior Thinking, Interpellation”

3. Dana Olveland

Western Oregon University, Monmouth, Oregon, USA

“From the Theoretical to the Ontological: Finding Significance in the Referential Whole

Topic Panel 10

Room 123, South Campus

Thoreau and McLuhan, Hermeneutics, and the Subtle Body

Moderator: Sophia Harvey

1.Luis Acebal, “Thoreau and McLuhan: Exploring the Relationship of Presence and Technology”

2.Luanne Frank, University of Texas at Arlington

“Heidegger’s ‘Beginnings’: Something has Changed”

3.Richard Kaplan, National University, Los Angeles, USA

“Parmenides on Physis, Liturgical Tibetan, Yogic/Gnostic Subtle Body Architectonics”


Topic Panel 11

Sanford Center

Moderator: Gerardo De La Fuente

Phenomenology, Epistemology, and Ontology

1.Tonu Viik, Tallinn University, Estonia

“The Role of Connotative Meanings in Meaning-formation processes”

2.Hye Young Kim, Free University of Berlin, Germany

“Phenomenology of Digital Ontology”

3.Dennis Skocz, Independent Scholar, Arlington,

Virginia, USA

“Verisimilitude, Illusion, and Deception”

Topic Panel 12:

Room 123, South Campus

Moderator: Christine James

Pop Culture

1.Larry Busk, University of Oregon, USA

“Westworld: Reality, Simulation, and Ideology”

2.Melanie Bourdaa and Stephanie Cardosa,

University of Bordeaux, France

“Robot Stories: an analysis of the production of robots in Science-Fiction movies and series”

3.Ramie Tateishi, National University, La Jolla

“The Special Edition CD and the Object of Study in Music”


LUNCH (on your own)


Topic Panel 13

Sanford Center

Moderator: Cristina Pontes Bonfiglioli

Movement and Point of View in the Moving Image

1.Scott Richmond, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA

2.Ian Jones, University of Chicago, USA

3.Jordan Schonig, University of Chicago, USATopic Panel 14

Room 123, South Campus

Moderator: Tonu Viik

Purpose, Erotic Teaching

1.Yoni Van Den Eede, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

The Sense of Purpose

2.Melinda Campbell, National University, La Jolla, California

The Disembodied Pedagogue:

Re-constructing the Erotics of Pedagogy

Shuttle returns to Hotel: 3:15 PM


Arrange with hotel for free shuttle (there and back)

to (1) downtown La Jolla, (2) Del Mar. There are restaurants in both.

Shuttle Leaves: 6:00 PM. The hotel shuttle will give you a return time.


Poolside Social. Casual discussions with colleagues.

(National University Pool—but no swimming. It may be cold).

University shuttle leaves hotel at 5:30. Returns at 8:30.


Many of you may prefer to share a taxi with other conference participants to

the Gaslamp Quarters in downtown San Diego for an evening of music and restaurants

Saturday, March 28

Shuttle to and from Conference Hotel, the Del Mar Hilton:

Leave Hotel: 7:45 AM. Return to Hotel: 3:00 PM


Sanford Center

Coffee, Informal Chat


Topic Panel 15

Moderator: Stacey Irwin

Urban Identity as Paradox within the Context of Globalization

1.Lena Hopsch

Chalmers University of Technology, Architecture, Sweden

“Origin and Destination: Itineraries as Phenomenological Narrative”

2.Avsar Karababa, Semra Ayldinli

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

and Lena Hopsch

“Urban Identity as Paradox within the Context of Globalization"

3.Matti Itkonen

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

“The Essence of Kalastajatorppa: A cinematographic journey into time and space”

Topic Panel 15

Moderator: Miguel Garcia

Photography and Streaming

1.Katrin Joost, University of Cumbria, United Kingdom

“Phenomenology of Photography and Photography as Phenomenology”

2.Donald Boyce, Loyola Marymount University,

Los Angeles, USA

“eSports and Streaming: Video Games and

the New Media”


Topic Panel 17

Room 123, South Campus

Moderator: Melentie Pandilovsky

Places: Realists and Phenomenologists

1.Michael Lucas, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California

“Beginning as Speculative Realists: Tooling into Architectural Media”

2.Michael McAnear, National University, La Jolla, USA

“The Phenomenology of Cosmopolitanism: Athens, Jerusalem and Capitalism”

3.Francesca Dell’Orto, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris, France

“Big Data and the End of Thought”

Topic Panel 18

Room 123, South Campus

Moderator: Luis Acebal

Media and National Considerations

1.Marta Graciela Trógolo and

Alejandra De Las Mercedes Fernández, Universidad Nacional

del Nordeste, Corrientes-Resistencia, Argentina

“Football pheno-media: a ‘true’ Argentinian passion

– World Cup 2014”

2.Abebe Cheffo and Genanaw Tesfaye, Ethiopian Institute

of Agricultural Research, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“The coalescence of Media and Agricultural Technology

in Ethiopia”

3. Teresa Rinaldi, National University, National University,

La Jolla

“The Power of Desire: Evita Peron”


LUNCH (on your own)


Topic Panel 19

Sanford Center

Moderator: Melinda Campbell

Art and Literature in Theory and Practice

1.Esteve Sanz

Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut

“The Life of the Author [Plus 70 Years]: An Existential Phenomenology of Copyright”

2.Jack Kahn

Pomona College in Claremont, Pomona, California, USA

“Racing Toward Uncertainty: An Ethico-Aesthetics of Imagination”

3.Elvira Godek

University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

“The Adventures of Mr. West in Dos Passos’ U.S.A.: The Narrative Defies Description”

Topic Panel 20

Room 123, South Campus

Moderator: Alberto Canan

An Emotional Roller Coaster:

A Phenomenological Study of the Magic of Film

1.Jordu Lopez-Sintas,

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

2.Ercilia Garcia-Alvarez,

Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona and Reus, Catalonia, Spain

3.Ana Gariela Hernandez-Lopez,

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Shuttle return to hotel: 3:00 PM


Drinks, Socializing (provided)

The Del Mar Hilton


Awards Dinner (provided)

The Del Mar Hilton

Sunday, March 29

Shuttle from Hotel: 9:45. Return at noon.


SPM Officers and Board Meeting

Room 123

National University South Campus

12:00— on your own

Conference Awards

Beginning at the 14th International Conference in San Diego, 2012, SPM gives awards for (1) best conference paper and (2) best paper by a new member. The new member award has been renamed "The Gwen Stowers Award" to honor a long-standing SPM member who died in 2012. Winners are selected by acommittee of 3-5 SPM Board members.

16TH Annual Conference (Freiburg, 2014)

Best Conference Paper:

Nicola Liberati: “Intersubjectivity and Augmented Reality”

Stowers Award for a Paper by a New Member:

Raluca Mocan: “ On Becoming Present to the Audience"

15TH Annual Conference (Puebla, 2013)

Best Conference Paper:

Dana Ulveland,

“From Comportment to Mirror Neurons: One with the Other”

Stowers Award for a Paper by a New Member:

Francesca Dell'Orto,

“Mediation and Retention: The Question of Technics as Question of Memory”

14th Annual Conference (San Diego, 2012)

Best Conference Paper:

Saara I. Jantunen,

“The Worlds of Service: Military Recruitment from Reality to the Virtual and Back”

SPM Award for a Paper by a New Member:

Sophia Siddique Harvey,

“Mapping Synesthetic Moments in Be With Me (Eric Khoo, 2005)”

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