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Society for Phenomenol0gy and Media

20th Annual International Conference

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The Society for Phenomenology and Media

20th Annual Conference

Wednesday 14 – Friday 16 March 2018

University of Akureyri

Akureyri, Iceland

Theme: Global Media Literacy in the Digital Age

Date: March 14-16, 2018

Deadline for Application:

December 17, 2017

Panel proposals should be organized around specific media, for example: film, the Internet, mobile communication, medieval manuscripts, print media (books, newspapers, and magazines), stage drama, television, visual art, dance, etc. Panel proposals should include three papers, one of them by the panel organizer. Individual abstract submissions are assigned to a panel by the conference host. The Society for Phenomenology and Media encourages interdisciplinary approaches and theoretical diversity. Individual papers and panels need not be limited to phenomenological approaches. In the past, papers have come from diverse theoretical perspectives, including critical theory, cultural studies, hermeneutics, Marxism, New Historicism, post-colonial theory, pragmatism, semiotics, speech-act theory, and others. Participants have come from a wide range of disciplines: philosophy, media studies, communications, psychology, history, political science, sociology, rhetoric, literary theory, cognitive science, cultural studies, and other fields.

Doctoral students are invited to submit proposals, but should note that SPM limits the number of papers from students. Conference abstracts and panel proposals submitted are peer reviewed. All papers accepted and presented at the conference may be submitted for publication in the annual SPM Conference Proceedings and for blind review and publication in Glimpse, the official annual journal of SPM. For consideration, send abstracts, panel proposals, and other questions to the Secretary of the Society for Phenomenology and Media: socphenmedia@yahoo.com

Conference Venue

The 20th Annual International Conference will be held at:

Háskólinn á Akureyri (University of Akureyri)

Sólborg v/ Norðurslóð

600 Akureyri


Direct yourself to the main building at Sólborg, main entrance.

Conference rooms are no. N102 and M202, both located very close to the main entrance.

e-mail: socphenmedia@yahoo.com

Conference Mobile Contact and email (emergencies only): GSM / Mobile: +354 841 9184

solveigelin@unak.is (Ms Sólveig Elín Þórhallsdóttir)


As far as accommodation during the conference, we have listed a few options – affordable and near the conference venue. Most of them offer a special rate for conference attendees. Please note that breakfast is included in hotel rates, but not in guesthouses. Also, check in the list the accommodations that request a booking code to offer special rates for conference attendees.

- Hótel KEA

Hafnarstræti 87-89

600 Akureyri

Tel. +354-460 2000

Email: kea@keahotels.is

Website: https://www.keahotels.is/en/hotels/hotel-kea

Booking code: KEA-NORD-HA

Please fill in the form

Single room 16.600 ISK per night

Double room 20.800 ISK per night

Included: breakfast and WiFi

- Hótel Norðurland

Geislagötu 7,

600 Akureyri

Tel. +354-462 2600

Email: nordurland@keahotels.is

Website: https://www.keahotels.is/en/hotels/hotel-nordurland

Booking code: KEA-NORD-HA

Please fill in the form

Single room 13.200 ISK per night

Double room 17.100 ISK per night

Included: breakfast and WiFi

- Hótel Akureyri

Hafnarstræti 67,

600 Akureyri

tel. +354-462 5600

email: hotelakureyri@hotelakureyri.is

website: http://www.hotelakureyri.is/

Double room: 15.900 ISK per night

Included: breakfast and WiFi

- Hrafninn guesthouse - Hrafninn gistihús

Brekkugötu 4,

600 Akureyri

tel. +354-462 2300

email: hotelakureyri@hotelakureyri.is

Double room: 12.900 ISK per night

Breakfast not included

- Guesthouse Akureyri – Gistiheimilið Akurinn

Brekkugötu 27 a,

600 Akureyri

tel. +354-461 2500

email: hotelakureyri@hotelakureyri.is

Double room: 9.900 ISK per night

Breakfast not included

- Icelandair Hotel Akureyri

Þingvallastræti 23,

600 Akureyri

Tel. +354-518 1000

Email: akureyri@icehotels.is

Website: https://www.icelandairhotels.com/en/hotels/akureyri

Please note: You have until 15.01.2018 to book rooms at Icelandair Hotel Akureyri at the price mentioned below and the length of the stay at this price is 4 nights.

Arrival: 13.03.18

Departure: 17.03.18

No. of nights: 4

Group: SPM Conference

Group reservation nr: 94653

Bookings: please book via e-mail: akureyri@icehotels.is – bookings are not confirmed until you have received a written confirmation from the hotel

Guests book and pay by themselves – please note that you need to provide a credit card number and expiration date to confirm your booking

Daily rate: single room 16.900,- ISK

Daily rate: double room 18.900,- ISK

Breakfast per pers: included

Invoice to: guests book and pay by themselves – please note that you need to provide a credit card number and expiration date to confirm your booking.

Comments: VAT and service charge is included in above mentioned room rate.

Should you no longer require the room/s booked, please cancel before 15.01.2018 in order to avoid one night cancellation fee, based on the room rate confirmed above.

Please note that the above mentioned room rate is specific to confirmed dates and lenght of stay. Any later modifications can result in rate changes.

Price Change

Icelandair Hotels reserves the right to change its rates in case of economic changes, including, but not limited to, currency fluctuations, inflations, increased cost of supplies, tax increases and other force majeure events.


The international airport is in Keflavík (40 min from Reykjavík). There is flybus running between Keflavík and Reykjavík. The domestic airport is in Reykjavík and the airline is Air Iceland Connect. Here is their website: https://www.airicelandconnect.com/

Normally they fly 3-5 times a day between Reykjavík and Akureyri.

There is taxi at the airport, only a few minutes from the airport to the hotels and the conference venue.

Furthermore there is a public bus running between Reykjavík and Akureyri. Here is the website: https://www.straeto.is/en

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask at socphenmedia@yahoo.com.

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