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Outis Project on Deception


Annual Publication of SPM

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Publication Requirements



Please confer with the editor if you have any questions):

Glimpse Editor


1)Please submit your manuscript for publication in Glimpse to GlimpseSPM@mail.com. Only papers submitted to this address will be considered for publication. Please do not send your paper to any member of the editorial staff of SPM or any individual SPM Board or Advisory member; such submissions will not be forwarded.

2)All submissions should be sent as an attachment to an email message sent to the email address above [GlimpseSPM@mail.com], to which all communications intended for the editor of Glimpse should be directed. Please include all notes and works cited as part of the original document, not on a separate page.

3)All submissions will be subject to a double-blind-review process; each year, a select number of submissions will be selected for publication in Glimpse. Authors will be notified of (1) receipt of the submission; (2) results of blind reviews, indicating either acceptance or rejection for publication in Glimpse.

4)Basic formatting guidelines:

Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word formatting, using font style Times New Roman, font size 12, and be doubled-spaced throughout (no extra spaces between paragraphs, including works cited and notes).

Works cited should also be double-spaced, but notes may be single-spaced.

Please use END NOTES, not footnotes.

Use set paragraph indent at .5 inches for the first word of every new paragraph; do not tab to indent.

Quotations from sources of more than three lines must be set in block quotation (Please review MLA format).

You may include numbered or unnumbered section headings, following MLA guidelines for headings:

Arabic numerals, Times New Roman, 12-point, upper and lower case, no period or colon.

Unnumbered Headings

First-level Heading: all small caps; begin text on new line, indent.

Second-level Heading: italics, flush left; begin text on new line, indent.

Third-level Heading: italics, flush left; begin text on same line, no indent.

If you are submitting tables, use the appropriate table function in Microsoft Word.

If you are submitting copyrighted material such as images, line art, photographs, etc., you must acquire reprint permission. Include that permission in your works cited.

JPEG images/photos must be in high resolution. Glimpse does not publish images in color. Therefore, the gray scale resolution must be high, low scale will give muddy images. Images and tables are set in the text using Microsoft text wrap.

In Microsoft Word, set language to spell checking/grammar: U.S. English. Many fine essays written by participants whose native language is not English have not reset the language, and punctuation, spelling and grammar usage remain in the author’s original language. This oversight causes many problems, so be sure to check your settings.

5)Create a title page for your submission, and place it as the first page of your document, but do not include it in your page numbering. This page will include the following information, and will be removed from your document when sent to the blind-reviewer(s). Please do not include your name on the document itself.

Title of the article: [Enter here the title of the article in upper and lower case, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, flush left, no bold, no italics.]Authors: Identify author(s) with author affiliations with superscript Arabic numerals.

[First name, initial(s) of middle name, Last name] 1

[First name, initial(s) of middle name, Last name] 2

[First name, initial(s) of middle name, Last name] 3

Affiliations: List here all author affiliations including department, institute, city, country, email.

1 [Department, institute, city, country, email address]

2 [Department, institute, city, country, email address]

3 [Department, institute, city, country, email address]

Corresponding Author:

Name: [First name, initial(s) of middle name, Last name]

Email address: [This email address will be the primary means by which the editorial staff will contact the author(s).]

Abstract: Please include a brief abstract of the paper, not to exceed 300 words.

Keywords: Include up to six keywords or phrases, separating each with a comma.

6)Information to help prepare manuscript for double-blind review [adapted from http://www.journals.elsevier.com/social-science-and-medicine/policies/double-blind-peer-review-guidelines] :

Besides the obvious need to remove names and affiliations under the title within the manuscript, there are other steps that need to be taken to ensure the manuscript is correctly prepared for double-blind review.

To assist with this process the key items that need to be observed are as follows:

Use the third person to refer to previously undertaken work by the Author(s), e.g. replace any phrases like “as I/we have shown before” with “… has been shown before [Anonymous, 2017].”

Make sure figures do not contain any affiliation related identifier.

Do not eliminate essential self-references or other references but limit self-references only to papers that are relevant for those reviewing the submitted paper.

Cite papers published by the Author in the text as follows: “[Anonymous, 2017].”

For blinding in the reference list: “[Anonymous 2017]. Details omitted for double-blind reviewing.”

Remove references to funding sources. [These may be included on your identifying title page.]

Do not include acknowledgments. [These may be included on your identifying title page.]

Name your files with care and ensure document properties are also anonymized.

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Editor-in-Chief: Melinda Campbell

Associate Editors: Luis Acebal, Paul Majkut

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